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The Web3 Innovation Hub

Scaling Enterprise and Consumer Engagement

Yammieverse Labs is building an ecosystem where users are fairly rewarded for their time, data and attention, from interactions with brands to everyday digital actions, collectibles and gaming and beyond.

From blockchain & DLT R&D to the development and implementation of new products, Yammieverse Labs is focused on building a stable of cross-chain Web 3.0 apps and services where consumers can generate income from their consumption, microwork and gaming activities while interacting directly with brands without sacrificing control of their data or digital assets.  Our mission revolves around designing and developing advanced cross-chain products that empower both businesses and everyday consumers.

By integrating cutting-edge blockchain solutions into a suite of user-friendly, marketing-optimized apps and services, Yammieverse Labs aims to facilitate seamless interactions between brands and consumers.

Yammieverse Labs aims to ensure that users maintain control over their data and digital assets while actively participating in the evolving digital economy.

Advancing mainstream blockchain adoption with unique products that merge Web3, rewards, data, fintech, loyalty and identity.

Yammieverse Labs is a hub of innovation, constantly pioneering new blockchain technologies. The company’s focus is centered on creating scalable, cross-chain products that enhance enterprise blockchain usage, showcasing a commitment to technological advancement and industry leadership. 

Yammieverse Labs is instrumental in making blockchain technology accessible to retail users. By developing user-friendly, marketing-optimised products, the company is a key player in driving mainstream adoption and understanding of blockchain.

Yammieverse Labs provides the products and services that solve the Web3 adoption trilemma

  1. Complicated onboarding makes it too difficult for casual users to adopt Web3 and Cryptocurrencies
  2. Brands lack the tools and talent-pool to leverage their existing audience and onboard them into Web3
  3. The existing crypto audience is too small and too difficult for brands to reach and monetise


Yammieverse Labs solves these problems with a range of user-friendly, non-custodial services and tools that bring consumers and brands together.

The Yammieverse Labs Solutions

A suite of Web 3.0 apps and services that enables consumers to own the monetisation of their digital activity and data through digital and crypto assets.

For advertisers this represents an opportunity to engage directly with their audience through traditional advertising and in more innovative ways that leverage DLT/crypto technologies while respecting user privacy.

At the core of Yammieverse Labs is a commitment to cutting-edge technology and expertise in blockchain. The company stands out for its technological advancements and the deep blockchain knowledge of its team.

Yammieverse Labs is building the audience and the tools that encourage brand engagement and will help fuel mainstream adoption.

Rapidly growing and constantly innovating

Yammieverse Labs is deeply committed to the future of blockchain technology, with a back-catalogue of apps that have found success with consumers and business customers. The company’s roadmap outlines ambitious goals, including the development of new blockchain applications and the exploration of emerging markets. This forward-looking approach highlights Yammieverse Labs’ dedication to innovation and its role as a trailblazer in the blockchain space.