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Fintech Platform and Metaverse Infrastructure.

Our mission is to build an ecosystem where users are fairly rewarded for their  time, data and attention, from interactions with brands to everyday digital actions and metaverse gaming.

We are building a stable of Web 3.0 apps and services where consumers can generate income from their consumption, microwork and gaming activities while interacting directly with brands without sacrificing control of their data or digital assets

The revolutionary platform that merges rewards, data, fintech and identity.

Yammieverse Labs has created Yamgo: A consumer-first platform that enables users to get paid for life and earn digital assets for everyday actions, save them or spend them.

Yamgo has a goal of providing users with a revolutionary fintech ecosystem that provides the opportunity to earn, spend and buy digital assets while creating a new relationship directly between brands and the consumer. All while protecting the privacy and data of consumers.

The Problems we are facing

5 Billion people are creating value for brands & businesses through their digital actions without being paid.

Endemic data abuse, ad blocking and advertising fatigue is making it more difficult for brands to advertise their product to a growing number of people. A Hootsuite study shows that 42.7% of internet users worldwide (16-64 years old) use ad-blocking tools at least once a month with a March 2021 CivicScience survey showing that 6 in 10 US adults aged 18-24 use an ad blocker.

The Yammieverse Labs Solutions

A metaverse of Web 3.0 apps and services that enables consumers to own the monetisation of their digital activity and data through digital and crypto assets.

For advertisers this represents an opportunity to engage directly with their audience through traditional advertising and in more innovative ways that leverage DLT/crypto technologies while respecting user privacy.

Yammieverse Labs is building the audience and the tools that encourage brand engagement and will help fuel mainstream adoption.

Rapidly growing and consistently innovating

Yammieverse Labs has been consistently evolving and is on the precipice of logarithmic growth over the coming months.

Over 180k people have received rewards though our rewards platform and our ad platform continues to be one of the biggest live use cases on Hedera

The release of Club Yamgo, our lite-staking service, has also seen the launch YAMGO Token, a utility token with a unique economy designed to capture network effects.